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Wedding Venue & Location

Can Domingo – Ibiza

Brides come to me seeking something original and often choose to tweak (either a little or a lot) one of my existing designs, creating a veil which is unique to them. Sam chose a variation of the Lucia veil

How did the proposal happen?

It happened in Ibiza 2 years previous, Ross proposed over my favourite meal (breakfast) on our private terrace of a lovely little agroturismo we were staying in on the Island.  He had planned a whole day of things for us which ended in Sunset at Es Vedra.

Where did you meet?

In a dingy nightclub in Jersey where we live, we laughed a lot that night! Which is pretty much all we do 5 years on.

Any random, quirky or just plain lovely facts about your relationship, engagement or wedding?

From the day we got engaged we decided we wanted to get married in Ibiza, we had a relatively small budget (compared to some weddings!) and came to the decision that the important things for us were our guests having the best time – they were after all spending money to travel to watch us marry.  This meant that inevitably an open bar was on the top of our list of priorities along with good food and some classic tunes, no wedding cheese (my only request Whitney Houston – I wanna dance with somebody)  We travelled to Ibiza 9 months before the wedding to do our food tasting and with neither of us having done this before, we didn’t have a clue what to expect.  The menu that we had chosen included lots of different courses of gourmet Italian food that would be served over a period of a few hours on the day,  to include a pasta, risotto, different cuts of meats, 5 types of seafood, salads, and 5 different desserts.  

We proceeded to have a full plate of each different dish that was on our menu and not wanting to be rude, started off by polishing off everything on our plates.  At the end of the tasting, Andrea from Can Domingo came over to ask us how the food was.  At this point i was so full, all i wanted to do was lie on the floor.  We had to apologise that we couldn’t finish all 5 desserts each and he was really quite shocked that we had eaten everything previous to this.  His words were (in his lovely Italian accent) “It is a tasting menu guys, we do not expect you to eat everything, you only need to have a taste.  Our chef is very impressed with how much you have eaten!”  Needless to say, I didn’t need any breakfast the next morning!

The wedding day itself was perfect and all little niggles we had the day before (Ross being so hungover from his stag do 2 nights before the wedding that he could hardly speak and it was nearly divorce before we were married!), were completely gone and the small things that don’t go to plan are so insignificant.  Getting married in front of 50 of our closest family and friends in our favourite place in the world, eating the most amazing food and dancing to some old school 90’s classics, we couldn’t have wished for it any other way.

I have a big airy studio in Colchester, Essex where you can make an appointment to come along and have a chat, see the collection of veils and sashes and have a try-on to see which works best. I have made accessories for brides all over the world including America, Japan, Australia, Sweden, France and Scotland and if you are not close enough to pop in, we can chat via email or Skype. I am always very happy to post out samples and sketches too so you can ensure the colour and fabric is exactly right before I post your veil or sash out to you.

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