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Wedding Venue & Location

We live in London and it was important to us that it be a part of our day – we had a very small ceremony at the Mayfair Library with just 20 of our closest family and friends, followed by a big party at the Lamb Tavern in Leadenhall Market. I decided not to take his name after we were married and so we’re affectionately known to our friends as the Quinbornes

Brides come to me seeking something original and often choose to tweak (either a little or a lot) one of my existing designs, creating a veil which is unique to them. Lucy chose a bespoke veil. 

How did the proposal happen?

For this one I might need to give you a bit of a back story: John and I started out as colleagues and then as friends, we started dating what we call “inadvertently” in 2013 and the first of these inadvertent dates was over fish and chips in Greenwich park. Exactly three years later he took me back to Greenwich on a weekday evening, bought us takeaway fish and chips from the same place and insisted we sit in the park to eat it despite the unseasonably cold weather. And then he got down on one knee. We never got around to eating the fish and chips.

Where did you meet?

John and I weren’t just colleagues- I was his boss – if you were to ask him now I think he’d say I still am!

Any random, quirky or just plain lovely facts about your relationship, engagement or wedding?

Does any of the above count? Two answers to this one (I told you I love talking about my wedding), the long one: From the very beginning we both knew that we weren’t going to want a “traditional” day – big ceremony, a three course meal for 150, seating plans, favours etc. Instead we wanted it to feel like an afternoon in the pub with your mates, really laid back, no timetables or expectations. However it was also important to us that we actually get married on our wedding day! So we settled on a nice compromise: a very small ceremony in a registry office followed by a party. This was also reflected in what I wanted to wear – I knew I wanted something very simple in my choice of dress (in fact every shop I went into I asked to try the simplest that they had) but I also wanted to look like a bride while we were saying our vows. Heather’s veil was a perfect way of reflecting this, the style beautifully fitting with our vintage surroundings both at the library and in the intricate columns and wrought iron ceiling of Leadenhall market. It brought a touch of magic to my outfit, which was perfectly fitting to its Diagon Alley location (that’s true! Ask google!)

The short one: We had fish and chips on our wedding day too!

Bethan Haywood Jones

an absolute star (and came with her own John!)

I have a big airy studio in Colchester, Essex where you can make an appointment to come along and have a chat, see the collection of veils and sashes and have a try-on to see which works best. I have made accessories for brides all over the world including America, Japan, Australia, Sweden, France and Scotland and if you are not close enough to pop in, we can chat via email or Skype. I am always very happy to post out samples and sketches too so you can ensure the colour and fabric is exactly right before I post your veil or sash out to you.

To book a consultation, follow the link below.